Video: Jewish man enters Muslim mosque, what happens will shock you

This video footage shot with hidden cameras exposes how beautiful our religion Islam is and what its true message is for humanity.

Yes, ‘Quran’ is indeed the Holy Book from Allah (S.W.T) which was sent down for not one community, Muslims but for the whole humanity, so were the other Holy Books Torah, Injil and Zabur were sent at different times for different people.

So why don’t we follow these books when they were too sent by Allah(S.W.T)? It is because they no longer deliver Allah(S.W.T’s) message but these books are now fabricated. They are written and altered by the people.

See what happens when this man pretending to be a ‘Jewish’ with hidden cameras, enters a Muslim Mosque.

He is seen asking permission from various men inside the mosque offering Namaz and what does he get to hear in return for the permission he has asked for? A simple ‘Yes’!

This experiment is indeed an eye-opener for different religions, communities, people, who go on believing, assuming Islam is a religion of terrorism.
Politically motivated people in un-Islamic countries have portrayed Islam as a religion of hate.

Dear brothers & sisters in Islam and other religions, please understand this- violence, inequality, hatred are the virtues of the fallen one the ‘Devil’ rather the one-and-only Lord.