Video – Jerusalem in 360 degrees: ‘Drag your mouse’ or ‘Tilt your phone’ to view the mesmerizing Islamic site

An exceptional tour of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque compound in 360 degrees will take you through Islam’s third holiest site in more detail than ever before.  The Dome of the Rock, Al Qibli Mosque and many other religious landmarks on the compounds settles on 14 hectares.

To experience Al Aqsa in 360 degrees drag your mouse around the screen to navigate or tilt your phone in the direction you had like to view.

Dome of Rock:

Central platform housing the Dome of Rock was built on the highest spot of Al Aqsa compound, a plateau that rises 4 metres above the rest of the mosques courtyard.

One of the earliest existing models of the Islamic architecture was built by Calif Abdul Malik Bin Marwan in the 7th Century, the spot that Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed(S.A.W) ascended into heaven. The Dome is decorated with tin glazed earthenware and verses from the Quran.


Dome of the ascension:

The dome has a smaller crown shaped at its peak. The Dome of Ascension was built to commemorate the Prophet Mohammed’s ascension into heaven.

In between the two larger domes there exists a smaller octagonal dome. This was built to mark the spot where the Prophet Mohammed is believed to have led the Prophets and angels in prayer during his night journey.

Dome of the chain:

It is used as a space for prayer. The Dome of the Chain is among more than 200 historic and religious sites.

Domes and water wells are located throughout Al Aqsa compound.

Inside the Dome of the Rock:  

Muslims come here to read and discuss the Quran. The dome attains brilliant mosaic of tiles on ceiling and towards the center of the room is a cylindrical column housing the holy rock of ascension. The open doorway on the side of the central column is used by the visitors to go downstairs.

Underneath the holy Rock of ascension:

A tiny cave can compromise only a handful of worshipers comfortably. The cave is a naturally occurring structure and many Muslims believe that it is blessed.

 Al Qibly Mosque:

A structure that dates back to the eighth century has a beautiful  intricately patterned ceiling and then down to where the arched columns meet one can see the circles containing Names of God scripted.