Video: Is it women empowerment? Drunken girls abuses man in Metro

New Delhi: “Women empowerment” was spoken widely on the eve of International Women’s Day. Many intellectuals talks about the empowerment of women and atrocities faced by them but what about the unreported atrocities and abuse (due to social stigma) faced by men. Here is a proof that the abuses are even faced by men.

According to the news reported in Zee News, a group of girls, in an inebriated state, were found abusing a man in Delhi Metro. The girls, who were caught on camera while creating a scene inside the metro, abused a man and screamed at the top of their voice.

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YouTube video

It is to be noted that this is not the first incident, recently a girl in inebriated state created ruckus in Delhi Police Station. In another incident in Hyderabad, an Engineering girl pushed and tried to slap a traffic police constable when he tried to take photo of her two-wheeler for driving on wrong side.