Video: Inhumane! Young woman found chained, naked at rehabilitation center in Hyderabad

Hyderabad (Telangana): In a disheartening incident, a young woman was found chained and naked at Hyderabad’s Aram Ghar rehab center. The authorities of the rehab center alleged that the victim, Renuka, is mentally challenged and she has attacked her fellow inmates. They stated her mental disability to be the prime reason of restraining her and keeping her naked.

However, Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Prasad Rao stated that the victim does not seem to be suffering from mental illness and even the extremely mentally ill patients are not chained because of the advanced medications. Though Aram Ghar has been running since last 60 years but the condition of the rehab is extremely degraded and most of the patients lacked proper hygiene and they complained about the frequent power cuts and unhealthy food.