Video: Hyderabad parents left 3-year-old inside locked car, went for ‘breakfast’

Hyderabad: In a shameful incident in Hyderabad, parents left their three-year-old daughter in the car and locked her inside while she was sleeping.

She was later freed by a crowd on Wednesday when they noticed the girl screaming and crying inside a locked car while her parents were allegedly having breakfast at a hotel.

According to NDTV, the family was driving to Bengaluru when the parents stopped for breakfast at Shamshabad near the airport. As she was sleeping, so they apparently decided to leave her in the car parked outside the eatery.

In a mobile video, a crowd is seen around the car, rapping on the window and grappling with the door. Some tried to guide her in opening the door, but she wouldn’t stop crying and finally, a man forced the door open with a crowbar.

The child’s parents returned after their meal had to face the anger of crowd for leaving the toddler alone in a locked car.