Video: HCU students brutally beaten by the mindless Police

In Hyderabad central university students brutally attacked by Mindless telangana police,

“Women students were beaten and grabbed by male police officers. After the forcible eviction from the lodge compound, police chased us for another 2 km, and grabbed and arrested students. Students suffered grievous injuries and were taken to hospitals,” it said.

According to the JAC, the phones of several students were confiscated while they were videorecording the brutality.

It said 36 students including three professors were picked up, brutally beaten in a police van, and detained in unknown locations all night.

The JAC claimed that Appa Rao had provided the list of students and professors to be picked up. CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury today demanded immediate release of students and faculty members of Hyderabad Central University, arrested in connection with the attack on Vice Chancellor Appa Rao official residence.