VIDEO: Unable to withdraw cash, Constable Damage ATM in Vizag

With the sudden announcement of demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 midnight, the shocked people, all over the country hurried towards the banks and ATMs and patiently waited since dawn in the serpentine queues to draw money for their immediate needs.


As soon as the banks lifted their shutters, the anxious commoners vied with each other to grab money posing law and order problem. The managers of the banks had to seek deployment of policemen to discipline the money-starved people. With the ATMs and banks going dry in a short time, the unlucky persons, who could not get the money, were seen cursing the Prime Minister and his government for causing such an unprecedented situation in the country.


In Visakhapatnam, an exasperated police constable, who failed to get money at an ATM center even after a long wait, reportedly lost his temper  and damaged two ATM machines. This incident occurred in Paderu, where there was one ATM center of the State Bank. One constable reportedly came to the ATM center on Friday night to draw money and waited patiently for some time. When his turn came and he was about to draw money, the machine failed and he was deprived of money.


With this, the exasperated constable, in a fit of ill-temper, reportedly kicked the machine four or five times and left. As he was unable to control his emotion, the frenzied cop again ran towards the ATM centre and smashed two machines to let out his anger.

            On receipt of the information, the bank officials visited the ATM center and locked it. With the lone ATM center getting closed down, the cash-starved people in the area cursed their fate as well as the Union government for not making adequate arrangements for money disbursal at banks. (NSS)


VIDEO Courtesy:ETV Andhra