Video footage of Bikers escaping unhurt on encountering Tigers

Nagpur: We all experience good and bad incidents which teach, helps us a lot in our every day lives and at times we also experience life-threatening incidents but what if we were to experience a close encounter with the big cats which could fail any heart or even make people run for the hills.

A similar scaring to death and petrifying incident happened in Nagpur where to Bikers miraculously escaped unhurt after encountering two Tigers at the same time.

A video footage shows the two men petrified on encountering the tigers but chose to remain calm even when the two tigers were closing in on them from the front and rear end circling them casually.

What seemed at first was the big cats are enjoying scaring the two men slowly cutting in close to them, encircling them but luckily the big cats were not in a mood to play and kill and finally after breathtaking moments, let the bikers pass.

The video clip was shot by someone in a car parked at just a few meters away, who acted calmly though sending no wrong signals to the Tigers, signaling the men to remain calm and not make any headless attempts of escaping that would trigger the tigers to attack the bikers.