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Video: ‘Food Food Everywhere, but these Syrians are forced to eat grass for survival’

Video: ‘Food Food Everywhere, but these Syrians are forced to eat grass for survival’

Stephen O’Brien, humanitarian chief of UN says “Approximately 400 people need to shift immediately for medical treatment else they are in a risk of losing their lives either due to malnutrition or other medical complications”
Madaya a rebel town near Damascus finally received aid on Monday. Lyse Doucet, BBC reporter said “Joy and relief rose from the clouds just as the aid arrived. Thousands waited all day in the cold at the barrier marking the entrance to this rebel held town”

Several people are living on boiled grass from the last many days. Top official of UN, while in Syria said “At times it was difficult to determine whether, what we were seeing was actually fabricated or exaggerated. But now I am sad to say it is “NOT”. These are sad and true stories coming out of Madaya”

Monday’s aid may help around 40,000 people who are ambushed since last six months without aid, but there is only a month’s permission for supplies and no guarantee of further aid to get in.

Rebels are accused of holding whatever food there has been. “1 kilo of rice costs us $230, our children are dying due to hunger and diseases. My son is suffering from lung and chest problem since 5 days” said a deprived mother.
On Monday, totally 44 lorries were sent by The UN, (ICRC) The International Committee of Red Cross, The Syrian Red Crescent and The World Food Programme (WFP) to Madaya from Damascus.

More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives since 5 years of ongoing war, more than 11 million have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Syrian’s are living lives worse than death. (S.N.A)