VIDEO: Faridabad female sub-inspector thrashes teacher husband with belt at Govt School

A female sub-inspector allegedly beat up her husband who is a teacher at the government school located in Faridabad. It became a site for others and people also recorded the incident on their phones.

Sunita is deployed as a sub-inspector in Faridabad district. She has alleged that her husband had not come home since many days.
Irked over the incident, the woman went to the school where he teaches along with her brother and uncle. Both indulged in fist fighting and the Sunita also used a belt to thrash her husband. The video has been doing rounds on social media.

There was a ruckus in the school as students saw the woman beat up their teacher. The husband has filed a police complaint against his wife and brother-in-law. The cops said that the complaint has been lodged and the probe in the matter has been initiated.