Video: Fan without electricity, an engineer’s gift to his grandfather

Chennai: A fan without electricity or battery! Surprised? Yeah! You read it right, a unique innovation made to make life simple and easier for others and to unroll the happiness, today no one uses their abilities for the sake of spreading happiness.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Chennai’s Dinesh G, extraordinary talented young man who notices his grandfather works in a loom and they had to deal with lot of power cuts and there was no any other way to his grandfather to escape from the heat as he had to singlehandedly operate the handloom which is very effortful job.

Then Dinesh who is an electrical design engineer, decided to make a fan which can run even if there is a power cut and it also doesn’t need of battery.

Dinesh has shared the video which gone viral. In video we can see the fan’s blades are connected to the loom and it works when Dinesh’s grandfather pulls the lever on the loom. The fan works as long as his grandfather pulls the lever on the loom.