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Video: Dust storm and rain hits UAE

Video: Dust storm and rain hits UAE

Dubai: After dust storm, sandstorms and rain hit the UAE this weekend local met department has issued a warning. Many instructions are also issued.

According to the news published in Khaleej Times, after heavy rain in Saudi Arabia, rain hits many parts of the UAE including Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah among other areas.

It is to be mentioned that for the past several days, heavy rains have lashed Saudi Arabia causing heavy floods. One person died in Southern Asir province.

On Friday, a train derailed near the eastern city of Dammam injuring 18 persons. In all, 193 passengers and six members of the crew were shifted to another train. Passengers were provided first aid as soon as they reached the Dammam Railway Station.

As per the details, furnished by Saudi Railways Organization, derailment took place near Dammam due to torrential floods. Emergency was declared after the accident, Saudi Railway said.

SRO expressed its grief for the accident and apologized to the passengers for the inconvenience caused.