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Video: Dubai inducts world’s first ‘Robocop’ in police

Video: Dubai inducts world’s first ‘Robocop’ in police
--Courtesy "Digital Trends"

Dubai: Robot functioning as police officer has been deployed in Dubai Police to engage with residents and tourists on the streets of the city.

It is the first ‘Robocop’ in the world which is officially inducted on the occasion of inaugural function of 4th Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) held on Sunday.

According to Gulf News, the height of Robocop is 170 cm. It weighs 100 kg. It is equipped with an emotion detector which recognizes gestures of emotions and hand signals from a distance up to 1.5 meter. It can be contacted in six different languages including English.

During its patrolling duty, the Robocop harnesses Artificial Intelligence and the latest smart technologies which will help it to identify and lay hands on criminals. It can also transmit live video to Dubai Police’s Control Room.

Talking about Robocop, General Director of the Smart Services Department of Dubai Police, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi said that it will assist the police to fight against crimes.

He also said that it is a significant landmark step to help realize Dubai’s vision to emerge as a global leader in smart cities technology adoption. He further said that Dubai is looking forward to make everything smart.

After performing patrolling duties in the halls of GISEC during the session, it will take up the responsibilities on high-density areas of the town.

Robocop can also be linked to social media channels.