Video: City Police tightened Security for Rama Navami Shoba Yatra

Srirama Shobha Yatra attracted a large number of people on Friday on the occasion of Srirama Navami.

The procession started from Sriram Bagh and reached Hanuman Vyayamshala located at Koti through Mangalhat, Dhoolpet. The Gorakshana Samithi members organized a public meeting at Koti. Thousands of youth participated in the procession while Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh Lodh started the procession by performing puja. Youth chanted “Jai Sriram” slogans throughout the procession.


The city police tightened the security with 2,000 police personnel. They surveyed the procession through CCTV Cameras and Command Control team put an eye on the procession. (NSS)