Video: Bring Kerala CM’s head win 1 CR, RSS leader threats live on cam

Ujjain:  In an open threat to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan, RSS Mahanagar Prachar Pramukh of Ujjain Kundan Chandrawat announced Rs 1 crore bounty as reward to the person who brings him Vijayan’s head.

“I have enough wealth to have the guts to make such an announcement. I have properties worth over Rs 1 crore. Whoever gets me Vijayan’s head, I will give away all my property to that person,” he said, according to Times Now.

Speaking to ANI after giving the provocative speech, Chandrawat said: “It is my personal view;gave explosive statement just like Bhagat Singh used bomb on British.They must know Hindus aren’t sleeping”.

The Madhya Pradesh-based RSS leader made the statement in the presence of BJP MP Chintamani Malviya and MLA Mohan Yadav during a RSS protest rally in Ujjain.

Responding to  Chandrawat’s remark, Vijayan said, “Sangh Parivar has taken heads of several”.

General Secretary of CPM and Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury condemned Chandrawat’s remark. “The Chief Minister of a state is being threatened by RSS, it means they enjoy protection and patronage of the government,” he said.