Video: Aero plane’s engine catches fire, passengers chant prayers

Lagos: Technical glitch in the engine of a plane led to fire and smoke erupted.

According to the news published in Daily Mail, soon after taking off, plane’s engine caught fire which horrified passengers on the flight in Nigeria. They started prayers to save their lives.

In the video, passengers can be seen nervous and cabin filled with smoke. This continued for at least 20 minutes forcing authorities to make emergency landing in Abuja.

Describing the horrific incident, one of the passengers, Ishaq Akintola said, “We saw smoke outside the plane, probably coming out of the engine compartment”.

He further told that the entire plane got panicky. Passengers screamed and some of them fainted.

Commenting on this incident, one of the officials of Aero Contractors told that it was a case of pressure getting low in the aircraft cabin. This led to the dropping of oxygen masks.