Victims of rising pollution: Thousands of dead fish found floating in Hyderabad lake

Hyderabad: Nearly, 30000 dead fish found in Rampally lake. These fish includes rohu, bochha (katla), bangaru theega and koramenu (red snapper). Rampally lake is located about 30 km from the city.

Earlier, a week ago, around 40000 and 20000 fish died in Shamirpet lake and Medchal lake respectively.

According to the report published in TOI, officials blamed the heat and said that fish are sensitive to temperature and it is difficult for it to survive in high temperature.

However, experts blamed authorities for not planting enough trees so that temperature can be lowered in the area.

Another expert, Professor K. Purushotham Reddy said that the cause of the dead fish is due to the dumping of domestic sewage, municipal waste and hazardous waste near lakes and tanks. Fishermen too cited the same reason and said that the cause of such huge dead fish is the increase in the release of waste by residential colonies.

Meanwhile, officials advised fishermen’s society in the area to clean the lake and remove dead fish. It is also expected that there is still 1 lakh live fish in the lake but according to experts, its consumption can be dangerous as it belongs to lakes which are polluted.