Victims of the alleged gang-rape on Jewar-Bulandshir highway threaten to commit suicide if justice is not served

Uttar Pradesh: The preliminary medical reports of the allegedly gang-raped victims on Jewar-Bulandshir highway came negative on this Friday, the victims have threatened to immolate themselves if justice is not served in their case. The four victims demand justice who were raped on May 25 while they were returning to Bulandshir from Greater Noida.

Mahesh Sharma Union Minister and also a member of the National Commission for women have spoken to the victims as well as their families.

The victims and their families were furious with the outcome of their medical reports. One of the victims was reported saying to Sunday Times, “Why would we want to shame ourselves?”

Another relative told the Hindu, “The reports take 10-15 days. How can the police and doctors conclude they were not raped? They have gone through it, they know.”

The four victims have recorded their statements with the Magistrate at a Noida Court.

The victims recalling the incident on May 25, said there 8 member family was trapped on the UP highway while they were returning to Bulandshir around 1.30 am, by the gang which had 6 members. The gang raped the women after looting their valuables and cash. Their male relative who accompanied the family was shot dead on trying to save the women.

Police said it had deployed two teams to track down the attackers.

A similar incident happened last year in July, were a mother and her 13-year-old daughter was raped by a gang of highway robbers in Bulandshir. The incident led to widespread protest against the Akhilesh Government back then.

The rise in crime on UP highways putting forward questions of the state’s lawlessness and their inability to curb the crime amidst of opposition party criticizing the UP Governments for its failure to control communal clashes in Saharanpur, Dailyhunt reported.