I am victim of system and corrupt politics: Anupama Shenoy

I am victim of system and corrupt politics: Anupama Shenoy

Bengaluru: Former DSP AnupamaShenoy, who resigned her post earlier this month overalleged interference in her work by a minister, today claimed that shewas a victim of both system and corrupt politics.

Talking to reporters after appearing before the Karnataka Women’s Commission (KWC), Shenoy said she had reached out to the commission tofind out ways to solve women officers’ grievances in a male-dominated society.

“The entire society, and the system, is male dominated. The system is acting to the tune of male ideas… I am a victim of both system and corrupt politics,” she said.

Shenoy had resigned as Deputy Superintendent of Police of Kdligi sub-division in Karnataka’s Ballari district.

She had earlier written a letter to the commission accusing Ballari Superintendent ofPolice R Chetan of harassing her by succumbing to politicalpressure.

“Through this (approaching the commission), I am hoping that the system may find some way so that any lady officer, if they are having any grievances, can find a solution,” she said.

Shenoy said she had decided to carry foward her fight by not remaining in the system and added she was having mental peace, which she missed while at work.

“At least I have mental peace. Job did not provide me any mental peace,” she added.

KWC Chief Manjula Mansa said after preliminary enquiry, the matter had been adjourned to July 16.

Chetan’s representative also appeared before the panel and submitted some documents.

Shenoy’s alleged posts on Facebook levelling charges against thethen Labour and District in-charge Minister P T ParameshwarNaik, had created a flutter. Naik was dropped in a major cabinet reshuffleby Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on June 19.

In January, Shenoy was transferred allegedly at the behest of Naik for putting his call on hold, with the incident triggering a storm.

A video footage purportedly showing Naik making a boastful claim about shunting out Shenoy had also gone viral later.