Vice President Naidu urges world leaders to promote dialogue, harmony, justice

Hanoi [Vietnam]: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday urged the world leaders to work together to promote dialogue, harmony, and justice based on compassion and wisdom.

Delivering a keynote address at the 16th United Nations Day of Visek in Vietnam’s Ha Nam province, Naidu called for enlightened global leadership to ensure a conflict-free world order based on peace and sustainable development.

The Vice President also elaborated on the virtues of Buddhism and its relevance to the present times.

“Buddhist approach of righteous behaviour, wisdom, compassion, and camaraderie, and reduction of Trishna (greed) offers a set of building blocks for the architecture of a new world order where violence and conflict are minimized and development takes place without degrading the natural resources,” said Naidu.

The Vice President stressed that avoiding extreme positions and adopting a ‘middle path’ as taught by Buddha leads to realising the truth, which further leads to avoiding conflict, reconciliation of different viewpoints and achieving consensus.

Noting that the genesis of conflict has roots in the idea of hate violence originating from an individual’s mind-space, Naidu said that the growing menace of terrorism is a manifestation of this destructive emotion.

“The proponents of ideologies of hate need to be constructively engaged to avoid mindless death and destruction and there is no higher bliss than peace as stated by Buddha” said Naidu.

Naidu delivered his address in the presence of Myanmar President Win Myint and Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli among others on the final day of the four-day official visit to Vietnam.