VHP wants complete ban on eating beef, challenged to eat pork meat in Saudi Arabia

Lucknow: Joint General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Surendra Jain on Sunday made it clear that VHP doesn’t want to change the eating habits two-third of the population which is non-vegetarian but as “Cow” is a mother there must be a complete ban on eating of beef.

Jain claimed that many people are playing politics on this issue. He gave a challenge to those who are returning their awards and asked that will they go to Saudi Arabia and declare that you eat pork meat. He said that after declaring if they come back alive then will welcome them.

He hit out at UP Cabinet Minister, Mohd Azam Khan who claimed that he had wrote a letter to UN.

He also hit out at UP Govt. for announcing Rs. 45 lakh to the family members of the victim of Dadri lynching incident.