VHP vows not to allow any masjid in the name of Babur

MEERUT: We will not let Babri masjid to be constructed anywhere in India, said Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Thursday.

“We will not let Babri masjid come up anywhere in India. Babur was no Muslim god that they want Babur’s mosque to be constructed in this country. He had looted India and deliberately converted people to Islam, so we cannot let any mosque be constructed under his name. We are not against Muslims; they can construct a mosque anywhere outside the 84-kosi parikrama of Ayodhaya but no mosque will be constructed in the name of Babur,” said Balraj Dungar, UP state convenor, Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of VHP, in Meerut.

The ‘Ramotsava Sankalp Sabhas’ is set to take place in the entire country. The Sabhas aim to unite Hindus for the cause of Ram mandir in Ayodhaya. The rallies and aartis will end on April 11.

Commenting on the Supreme Court’s suggestion, Sheelendra Chauhan, VHP state media spokesperson, said, “We can sort out the matter outside court but the other side will not agree for the same. We cannot allow the construction of any Babri masjid. All we can allow is the construction of a mosque but outside the 84-kosi parikrama of Ayodhata. Now that we have a Hindu government at the centre as well as in the state, it is time that just like a bill in Parliament paved the way for the Somnath temple in Gujarat, the same should be is done for Ram mandir too.”

“We already have funds in place in the form of Rs 8 crore that was collected after Babri masjid was demolished. Now that BJP is in power in Delhi and Lucknow, it will be easy for a law to be passed in this regard. Once that is done, the temple will not take much time to be constructed,” said Gopal Sharma, a VHP Meerut Mahanagar Secretary.