VHP Denies role in pastor’s attack on Tank Bund

The Telangana unit of Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has stoutly denied any involvement in the alleged attack on a Christian Pastor recently and appealed to the Christian brethren not to fall a prey to the false propaganda by certain vested interests with a sinister move to create communal tensions.

Addressing the media here on Saturday, Telangana VHP president M. Rama Raju and other members on Saturday appealed to the State Government, the Director General of Police and City  Police Commissioner to initiate immediate action against some “communal forces” using the social media and trying to create bad blood among the Hindus and Christians by false and malicious propaganda against the VHP and Bajrang Dal members.

Recalling an incident that had taken place on January 21 near Tank Bund, he explained that Pastor Dr K.V. Swamy was found distributing New Testament Bibles and allegedly propagating conversions into Christianity by speaking ill about Hindu Gods. Some passersby and morning walkers accosted and questioned his action. The Pastor was taken to the Mahankali Police Station and handed over to the police, who later had released him in the evening, he explained.

The VHP leader charged that some vested interests and organizations had launched a false and malicious propaganda on social media that the VHP and Bajrang Dal members had attacked and assaulted the Pastor and thus trying to provoke the sentiments and passions of the Christian brethren. He also charged that the Pastor’s wife was forced to lodge a false complaint in Gandhinagar Police Station leading to the arrest of three innocent persons.

While appealing to the Christian brethren not to be misled by the mischievous and false propaganda against the VHP and Bajrang Dal by certain vested elements, the VHP also demanded that the police authorities thoroughly probe the matter and take stern action against those fomenting communal tensions.

  1. Rajagopal Naidu and C. Chandrashekar, VHP Dharma Prasar Committee members also spoke on the occasion. (NSS)