VHP Chief Pravin Tagodia accuses Intelligence Bureau for ‘snooping’

New Delhi: Pravin Togadia VHP chief has accused Intelligence Bureau (IB) of “snooping” and “harassing” members of the VHP organization this Thursday.

He termed the situation his party members are going through as an emergency situation in his letter sent to IB director along with marked copies of the same to the PM Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

He wrote, “We were saddened and shocked to hear and see the Central IB officers questioning VHP, India Health Line & Hindu Help Line volunteers at various places” he wrote in his letter.

The two organisations, the India Health Line and Hindu Help Line both are VHP’s drives to provide medical and other help to the needy ones.

He alleged that the IB officials are harassing and “pushing” the members of the group to give in details of how they “operate, who are the people associated with these organisations”. “This,” “is horrible, and resembles (the) Emergency time.” He wrote in his letter.

He also called for “immediate apology from the Central IB and from the Ministry under which it works”.

Speaking of Togadia’s reported letter, a senior official at the Ministry said, “We have not received the letter. We will take cognizance as it comes to our notice”, Indian express reported.