VHP and Bajrang Dal decided to arrange lawyer for Dadri lynching accused; Bajrang Dal warned of another 1857 revolt if cow-slaughter is not banned

Meerut: Balraj Dungar, Bajrang Dal spokesperson told that Bajrang Dal and VHP will offer a lawyer and legal assistance to the accused of Dadri lynching.

It is to be noted that based on rumours of beef meat being consumed and stored by 52-year-old Mohammed Akhlaq Saifi Akhlaq, a resident of Dadri was lynched by mob who was carrying sticks, swords and pistols. His 22-year-old son Danish was also seriously injured.

Dungar said that the State Government failed to maintain law and order in UP and are using innocent people from the Hindu community as scapegoats. He also said that as per Indian legal system, person is innocent until proved guilty. He said that keeping this in view Bajrang Dal and VHP decided to provide legal assistance.

He said that Revolt of 1857 took place because British Raj did not respect Religious and Cultural sentiments. He also claimed that another 1857 revolt can take place if UP Government do not respect religious sentiment and allow cow-slaughter.