VH writes to Sushma on US sending back Indian students

Referring to some Indian students, who sought admissions in the US Universities, being denied entry and deported back to India on flimsy and unauthenticated grounds, Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao requested Minister for External Affairs and Overseas Indian Affairs Sushma Swaraj cause a through probe in consultation with the USA Embassy and name the US Universities that are blacklisted so the students who wish to seek admissions into USA Universities are not victimized.


In a letter Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday, Hanumantha Rao stated the Indian students applied for admission into Silicon Valley University (SVU) and North-western University (NPU) of USA and neither the Indian Government nor the US Government raised any objection during scrutiny and processing of the applications. 

But the poor students were denied entry into the US and sent back home on flimsy and unauthenticated grounds and made scapegoats for no fault of theirs. Now their future is at stake and their parents are worried a lot as the students are on the verge of losing precious academic year. (NSS)