VH writes Letter to Ivanka Trump

Stating that he addressed a letter to the American president Donald Trump’s daughter and American government’s advisor Ivanka Trump on the insults facing by the women in Telangana state, AICC secretary V Hanumantha Rao has said that he asked Ivanka in his letter that she has to find the facts as what she saw in Telangana were not facts.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday, VH alleged that IT Minister KT Ramarao’s show ran at GES, which was conducted in Hyderabad aiming women empowerment as theme. He said that Mayor has to accord welcome to Ivanka as per protocol. The government has not given value to the opposition leaders in the legislative houses—K Jana Reddy and Shabbir Ali, he said and alleged that KTR decided as to what the Ministers have to do during the GES. (NSS)