Very few Muslims are patriotic: BJP MLA Surendra Singh

Ballia: Ballia BJP MLA Surendra Singh has claimed that India will become Hindu Rashtra by 2024 and those Muslims who adopt Indian culture could only remain in the country. Speaking to press persons on Saturday evening BJP MLA Surendra Singh put question mark on the patriotism of Muslims and making a controversial remark that “There are a very few Muslims who are patriotic.” He claimed “As the RSS completes 100 years in 2025, by 2024, India will become a Hindu rashtra.

Surendra Singh described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an “avatar purush” (reincarnation of a deity). He said India is going to become superpower hence we congratulate PM Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s leadership.

Surendra Singh also took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying “there are two sets of values in Rahul Gandhi — one is Italian, while the other one is Indian… He can never become the torchbearer of the Indian thought.” He went on to say that Rahul Gandhi is not capable of making India strong and powerful.

Claiming that by 2024, India would become a Hindu nation he said, once India becomes a Hindu rashtra (Hindu nation), Muslims who assimilate into our culture will stay in India. Those who will not are free to take asylum in any other country.”