Venkaiah Naidu pulls up parliamentarians over Rajya Sabha’s regular adjournment

New Delhi: Upset over regular adjournments of the Rajya Sabha, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday pulled up the Parliamentarians and expressed displeasure over the ‘improper functioning’ of the Upper House.

Sources said that Vice President Naidu during the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting on Thursday said that despite the fact that he has accepted all the demands of the Opposition parties with regard to discussions on the Rafale deal, Gaja Titli cyclone and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issue, the Rajya Sabha was not functioning.

“This is pathetic,” the Vice President reportedly said.

Sources added that the Rajya Sabha Chairman further said that those members who were speaking to the media and expressing concerns about the adjournment, were the ones who later create ruckus in the House. He also expressed concerns about a few members saying that they are not following the rules and regulations of the Upper House.

Sources added that while expressing displeasure over disruption in Rajya Sabha, Vice President Naidu reportedly said: “Despite giving assurance at the BAC meeting that the Rajya Sabhas will run properly, after entering here, you people get instructions from your party and after that, all the ruckus happens. It has become a normal practice and it is not a good message for the people of this country.”

Rajya Sabha was adjourned for the day on Thursday without doing any business following uproar over several issues.