Venice: Floods claim 11 lives

Venice [Italy]: Torrential rains in Venice have led to flooding in the city killing as many as 11 people. Strong force winds equivalent to Category 1 hurricane lashed Italy from Piedmont to Sicily injuring several people.

The iconic Roman city of Venice witnessed severe flooding, with tourists and Venetians stranded in the midst of high level water. Multiple restaurants and shops were also flooded, reported the New York Times.

The historical Saint Mark’s Basilica was also damaged due to flooding as parts of the cathedral were submerged. “The cathedral itself was damaged by flooding as water submerged part of the floor in the central part of the basilica for only the fifth recorded time in its nine-century history,” an official told the newspaper.

Schools in the affected areas remained closed also. Rome also witnessed roadblocks in multiple areas as trees fell on the way due to strong winds.

Pisa and Florence also witnessed intense flooding due to rising water in the Arno River, reported Euronews.