Venezuela’s health system collapsing due to ‘corrupt’ Maduro’s ‘disastrous’ policies, says Pompeo

Washington: US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Saturday (local time) hit out at Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying that the country’s health system is collapsing due to the “disastrous” policies under his “corrupt” regime.

Lauding interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido’s steps in improving the health system, Pompeo tweeted: “Venezuela’s health system is collapsing due to the disastrous policies of a corrupt and brutal former Maduro regime. But the interim government under @JGuaido is responding to the people’s needs with health & hygiene fairs throughout.”

Venezuela is currently in the throes of a political crisis, which is worsened by hyperinflation, blackouts, and an acute shortage of water and medicines.

In January, Guaido had proclaimed himself as the President of Venezuela, as protests calling for Maduro’s ouster shook the Latin American nation. The US immediately supported Guaido, asking other nations to back the self-proclaimed President.

Several countries called for Maduro to step down or hold fresh elections, as they largely view the elections which brought Maduro to power as rigged. Maduro has refused to step down from his post or accept humanitarian aid from the US.

In response, Washington has slapped sanctions on Caracas in a number of sectors.

The Venezuelan military continues to back Maduro, even though countries like US, UK, France, Japan, amongst others, recognise Guaido as the interim President.

However, China, Russia, and other countries have slammed international interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, throwing their weight behind Maduro.