Venezuela’s govt, Oppn sit down for talks in Barbados

Caracas [Venezuela]: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday announced the start of dialogue between his government and the Opposition in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

“On July 8, the process of dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition, with the participation of the Norwegian government, started on the island of Barbados. A very encouraging start, I have corresponding messages from the head of our delegation on this day of negotiations,” Sputnik quoted Maduro as telling the state television.

The Latin American nation has been in the throes of a political crisis since January this year when National Assembly leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself to be the President of the nation amid protests against Maduro.

The US immediately extended support to the leader, calling for Maduro to either step down or hold fresh elections. Maduro has, however, stuck to his post while claiming to have the military’s support.

Countries like Russia, Turkey, China have backed Maduro’s claim while slamming external interference in the country.