Venezuela’s coup ‘made in Washington’: Cuba

Havana [Cuba]: Cuba has accused the United States of plotting a ‘coup’ in Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro, calling for mobilisation to “stop the imperialist intervention in Latin America”.

“The # US gov., The true mastermind behind the coup d’etat vs. # Venezuela, is threatening to launch a military aggression against that sister nation. It is putting pressure on Europe to become its accomplice. Let’s all mobilize to stop the imperialist intervention in #LatinAmerica,” Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs tweeted on Saturday (local time) in Spanish.

Cuba’s support for Maduro comes amid a raging political turmoil in Venezuela, with parts of the nation seeing fresh protests on Saturday in support of both National Assembly President Juan Guaido, and embattled President Maduro.

Guaido had, on January 23, proclaimed himself as the new President of Venezuela, dismissing Maduro’s leadership amidst cheering protesters. The self-proclaimed President’s bid was immediately supported by the USA, who recognised him as the interim President of the South American nation and rallied for other countries to support Guaido.

Maduro has slammed the United States for its intervention in the sovereign affairs of Caracas – a charge which has been echoed by countries like China, Cuba, and Russia amongst other countries.
Meanwhile, USA’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton called for Venezuela’s military to support Guaido as the “legitimate President of Venezuela,” in a tweet on Saturday.

He also announced that USA had started “mobilising and transporting humanitarian aid” to Venezuela.
“Answering the call of President Guaido, the U.S. is mobilizing & transporting humanitarian aid for the people of #Venezuela. I applaud the hard work of USAID, the State Department and their partners in preparing critical supplies to move forward this weekend,” Bolton tweeted.

Countries like Spain, Australia, UK and others have asserted pressure on Maduro to hold snap elections, outlining that they would recognise Guaido as President if no new elections are held in the coming days.