Vemula suicide: Doctor rebuffs Irani’s claim

Hyderabad: Chief Medical Officer M. Rajshree, who confirmed Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula’s death, has rebuffed HRD Minister Smriti Irani’s claims in Parliament, saying she had reached the scene in three-five minutes.

“It was January 17, at around 7. 20 p.m to 7.30 p.m when I received a call NRS hostel telling that one students has attempted suicide please rush to the place, I reached the place within three to five minutes,” Rajshree told ANI.

She further said that a group of students took her to the room where Rohith had attempted suicide.

“When I reached the place I started examining Rohith, his body was totally cold, rigid and stiff. His body wasn’t straight, it was a bit curved above the surface of the bed. I tried to examine his pulse rate and blood pressure but it wasn’t there, his tongue was protruding outside. I completed my examination and declared him dead,” she added.

“After 15 to 20 minutes police came there and asked me if I can stay there as they might have some queries, and I said I am very much there,” she added.

She further said that the police asked her if she could predict the time of Vemula’s death.

“I told them I couldn’t provide exact time but told them that minimum two hours before I reached to see Rohith’s body he must have died,” he added.

Irani on Wednesday pointed out that according to a report submitted to the Telangana High Court, the police had reached Rohith’s hospital at 7:20 pm when they found the body.

“The police said that when they reached the hostel, they found the room open and the dead body was on the table. A hand written suicide note was found. The suicide note that was left behind does not blame anyone,” she said.

“This is not my submission. This is what the police said. No one allowed a doctor near this child, to revive this child. Instead, his body was used as a political tool. No police was allowed till 6:30 am the following morning. Who tried to help this child?” she asked. (ANI)