Vehicles with unpaid challans can be seized: Cyberabad police

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad police today clarified that there is no (Telangana) High Court ruling that vehicles with pending challans cannot be seized by the traffic police, and warned citizens against believing such rumours which are reportedly being spread by miscreants on social media.

According to the Cyberabad police, rumours on social media say that the High Court of Telangana has ordered that the “traffic police have no powers to seize the vehicles for non-payment of challans.” There is no such order of and that some persons with reasons known to them have been issuing misleading statements in the media and social media creating confusion among the public, a press release from the police said.

One of the miscreants who is reportedly spreading those rumors got his vehicle seized, and then appeared before Rajendarnagar traffic police on Wednesday. He paid pending challans against the said vehicles as per Rule 167 of the CMVRs, 1989 and got the vehicles released as per law, the Cyberabad police stated.

However, the miscreant, hiding these facts, has been issuing misleading statements by misquoting the High Court’s orders which, the police said is the intentional spreading of fake news. The Cyberabad Traffic Police stated that they are considering legal action against the persons for reportedly putting out fake news.

The Cyberabad police has advised citizens to follow the directive of the High Court which warns individuals against spreading misinformation. It reiterated that as per Rule 167 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, police officials are authorized to detain a vehicle that has any pending traffic violation challan which is more than 90 days old.