Vegetarian food takers’ diet may lack proper nutrients intake

Study says vegans rely heavily on processed foods, excluding majority of animal-derived foods. US researchers warns vegans to be cautious against neurological disorders, anemia, less bone strength and other health issues as their diet may lack vital nutrients. The findings showed that a whole food, plant-based diet is commendable and a well-planned vegan diet can be adequate to achieve proper nutrition, but requires some education.

“We found that some of these nutrients, which can have implications in neurologic disorders, anemia, bone strength and other health concerns, can be deficient in poorly planned vegan diets. Vegans have not been shown to be deficient in protein intake or in any specific amino acids” said Heather Fields from Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Researchers recommended healthcare providers to monitor vegetarian patients for adequate blood levels of vit B-12, iron, ferritin, calcium and vit D.