Various organization in US protest against the alleged fascist activities of India

Washington: Various social organizations of America demanded to include India in the list of countries wherein religious freedom is in danger.

The protesters condemned the brutal killing of Tabrez Ansari by a violent mob in Jharkhand. They said that it is very shameful.

The protesters told US to realize that religious freedom in India has stooped to the lowest level. They also said that the video of torturing Ansari for 12 hours was recorded and made viral. Instead of admitting Ansari in the hospital, police took him into its custody which is very regrettable.

The leader of the association, Dr. Shaikh Obaid told that from 2014-19, 124 incidents of Mob lynching have occurred in India. The advisor of the association, Mr. Umang Kumar told that it is very shameful to force Ansari to raise slogan “Jaysree Ram”. It only speaks of the trends of India that it is marching towards fascism.