Vara Vara Rao suspects more arrests of Muslims to cover up Govt. failures

Hyderabad: It has become common for National Investigation Agency to arrest the innocent Muslims under the pretext of hatching some conspiracy or the other on the occasions of festivals or public functions like Republic Day or Independence Day.

On these occasions, only the Muslim youths are targeted. After the arrest of a few Muslim youths recently, there is an apprehension that more Muslim youths would be arrested in view of Independence Day.

Revolutionary Poet, Mr. Vara Vara Rao treats it as a conspiracy of the Govt. which is being hatched to cover up its failures on various fronts. It is causing greater hatred which leads to further division of society.

He told that a strong campaign is essential to foil such evil designs and the conspiracies of the Central Govt. He told the Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis to come together to fight the communal and non-secular elements. He pointed out that after BJP assumed power in the Central Govt. not a single promise was fulfilled. Black Money was not brought into the country. Good days have not been witnessed by the citizens of this country.

‘Make In India’ slogan has not been translated into action. He heavily criticized the Central Govt. that it is functioning only to please Hindutva forces so that votes could be mustered in the names of religion.

He lamented that the Hindus are the worst affected sections of the Hindutva policy. BJP assumed power in the Centre present the Gujarat Model of Development but the real picture of Gujarat has been exposed now.

Conspiracies are being hatched in Karnataka and UP to grab power. In order to warn the people about such conspiracies. Mr. Rao visited Kashmir and Dandakaranya areas where police atrocities are at their peak.

Security agencies are targeting the Muslims and Adivasis in order to protect themselves of their functioning. He pointed out there are secular fronts to combat fascism but all these agencies have to come to a common platform to fight anti-secular forces.

He advised the Muslims to include the depressed classes and Adivasis in their campaigns. He mentioned that the Muslims constitute 12%, SCs 17% and STs 11%. If all these sections of society get united, they could become a strong force. It is essential that all these sections should get united.

He appealed to the revolutionary poets, writers and activists to join the secular movements to fight against fascist forces.

Siasat News