Vara Vara Rao slams Modi for demonetization

Hyderabad: The decision taken by PM Modi to demonetize currency notes is not in favour of the poor but it is a political conspiracy to assume power. Modi Govt. wants to win elections by creating an atmosphere of war in the country. These thoughts were expressed by revolutionary writer, Mr. Vara Vara Rao. He dismissed the idea that demonetization of currency is in the interest of the country. He further told that Modi Govt. is playing a political game under the pretext of cross border terrorism and corruption in the country. He also told that this decision was taken keeping in mind UP elections to defeat SP and BSP. Since Dalits and Minorities are polarizing around Mayawati and hence BJP cannot face her, Modi Govt. is playing such tricks to entangle people in the crises. He categorically denied that with the change of currency notes, corruption and black money are not going to be eradicated. BJP workers had already cleared their hands by exchanging old notes. Now to fight against the political opponents, poor public have been exploited.

He asked the Modi Govt. why it doesn’t take steps to bring back black money from foreign countries. BJP wants to win elections in the name of cross border terrorism and internal anarchy. It is not in the nature of BJP to assume power by doing developmental or welfare activities beneficial to the public.

He bitterly criticized Modi Govt. and said that PM Modi has already prepared a blue print for winning General Elections of 2019. He hoped that the common man of this country who is very much worried will teach a lesson to BJP in the future. He expressed doubts that there would be any change in the economic system of the country due to the decision taken by Mr. Modi.

–Siasat News