Vandalism not a winning strategy for Nitish Kumar; says Manoj Tiwari.

New Delhi Aug 8 : Bhartiya Janta Party Member of Parliament Manoj Tiwari has criticized followers of Bihar Chief Miinister Nitish Kumar for vandalising hoardings and displaying images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the eve of his rally in Gaya.

Posters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were torn up in Gaya in Bihar. Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to address a BJP rally there on Sunday.

“Ripping and slashing is Jungle Raj and it has started. How a tiger kills any weaker animal, the same way people are killed in Bihar,” said Manoj Tiwari.

As the Bihar assembly election nears, political rivalry is heating up in the state, even prompting acts of vandalism.

“Today shut downs are organized by him, they kill people, cars are trashed by them and they even rip posters off. This is Nitish’s leadership. Jungle Raj has started and it is visible for the past 4-5 months but he is there only for another two months and people will remove him,” said Manoj Tewari.

“People are very smart. If Nitish Kumar thinks that he can form the Government again for the second time on the basis of hoardings, then that is not possible,” added Manoj Tiwari. (ANI)