Vandalism at Noida mosque: A mob of 100 abused Imam, thrash his brother

NOIDA: A group of around 100 local youths allegedly vandalized the masjid and also abused the Imam and beat up his brother.

According to media reports, the incident took place around 9 am on Monday at Masjid-E-Noor in Chhaprauli Bangar Village in Noida Sector 135. 

Ziyauddin al Hussaini, the Imam of the mosque alleged that the mob barged into the premises of masjid shouting why Friday prayers offer and why loudspeaker is use for Azaan. They also pelted stones, broke the windows and also vandalised the graveyard.

The Imam also alleged that the mob also manhandled his 19-year-old brother Saba Hasan of running a madrasa called him a “Pakistani” and a “terrorist” and told them to leave the village.

“I tried to tell them that it is a masjid (mosque) and not a madarsa but they kept beating me and hurled abuses at me. They called me a Pakistani, a terrorist,” he said.

They hail from Araria district of Bihar and had come to Noida a year ago.

According to Indian Express report, resident Noor Mohammad, also a member of the mosque’s committee said anti-social elements demanding that the mosque stop operations.

“Earlier, Noor mosque was located inside the village. It was a small mosque. Over the years, the number of people visiting the mosque to offer namaaz on Fridays increased. Some locals objected, so we found another spot half a kilometre away. It was decided that daily prayers will be offered at the old mosque, and the new mosque will be used on Fridays and festivals when there are more people,” Mohammad claimed.

Both the victims Hussaini and Hasan have refused to lodge an FIR. Kalu Khan, caretaker at the mosque then filed a complaint.

Noida Police registered an FIR and has arrested two accused and detained five for allegedly instigating violence.

The situation is under control. Security has been deployed in the area as a preventive measure, SSP Gautam Budh Nagar, Love Kumar, told The Indian Express.