Valuables worth over six lakh rupees looted at gun point

Mathura: Cash and ornaments worth over six lakh rupees were looted at gun point from the residence of a pharmacist in Tatvadarshi Batika, police said today.

“After tying mother and son with ropes and locking them in the bathroom, half a dozen bandits looted cash and ornaments worth over six lakh rupees, in absence of pharmacist BK Saraswat, on Wednesday afternoon,” SSP Mohit Gupta said, adding three teams have been formed to investigate the matter.

The finger prints have been taken, police said.

Pretending to be customers, the bandits barged in the residence. After taking the keys of almirah at gun point, the bandits fastened son Sonik and his mother Saroj with a rope and locked them inside bathroom.

They decamped with a booty worth over six lakh, police said.

According to police, Saraswat had gone to Oal town, while his daughter Shruti had gone for her classes, at the time of incident which took place yesterday.

The mother and son reported the matter, after struggling for over two hours, police said.