Vaibhav Rekhi’s ex-wife Sunaina Rekhi reacts to his marriage with Dia Mirza

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Dia Mirza recently got married to a Mumbai-based businessman Vaibhav Rekhi in a private ceremony in Mumbai. The pictures of their beautiful wedding where a woman priest can be seen conduting the wedding, all over the internet.

Earlier, we had informed you that, like Dia, Vaibhav too was married before, to a well-known yoga instructor, Sunaina Rekhi. The two have a daughter together. In some of the videos from the wedding Dia’s , Samaira also was seen. She even walked with Dia down the aisle holding a placard that read, “Papa’s girls.”

And now, Vaibhav’s former wife Sunaina, has reacted to Dia’s wedding and has sent wishes to the newlywed couple, adding that she is glad that their daughter has more family in Mumbai now.

A fitness instructor, Sunaina posted a video on her Instagram stories recently, where she said the union of Dia and her ex-husband Vaibhav was important for her daughter Samaira. She even revealed that during Dia and Vaibhav’s wedding, she saw several videos of her showering the couple with flowers. Further, she said that she is very happy for Samaira’s dad and Dia.

In a video clip that she shared on her Instagram story, Sunaina Rekhi said, “I saw some videos where she was throwing flowers. It’s a really nice extension for her. We don’t have any family in Bombay, so it’s nice that she has more family. It’s always nice to create more expansion in your lives. Also, I want to take this opportunity to say that it is so important for a child to see love in their lives.”

She further said, “I want to take this opportunity to say that it is so important for a child to see love in their lives. If Samaira couldn’t see that kind of love between her father and her mother, when she was younger, at least she sees that love now. She carries that beauty and that energy into her future, which is so lovely, to be able to see love in a marriage.”

“I think that’s very special, and I’m very happy for Samaira and I’m very happy for her dad, and for Dia,” Sunaina said.