Vadra threatens legal action on ‘hacking’ of children’s accounts

New Delhi: Ahead of the crucial Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday accused the government of hacking the Instagram accounts of her children.

Now, Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra has threatened legal action in the matter.

In an exclusive chat with IANS over phone, Robert Vadra said, “We have the proof of what we are saying. We will definitely take recourse to the law. We believe in the justice system. The way this government is behaving, only legal remedy can stop it. Also, this should not happen to children.”

“They had created hurdles before as well, which I tolerated for seven years. They made baseless allegations against me, but children should be spared from all this,” Robert Vadra said.

Earlier in the day, when asked about phone tapping of opposition leaders, Priyanka Gandhi told the media in Lucknow, “Leave alone phone tapping, the government is targeting my children on social media. My children’s Instagram accounts have been hacked. Don’t they have any other work?”

“Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi go out to campaign and when the government feels that we are reaching out to the people, they adopt one way or the other to harass us. Now they have stooped to such an extent that they are harassing the children… pressure is being created in one way or the other through social media,” Robert Vadra said.

Asked when did he realise that the accounts were hacked, Vadra said, “For the last 10 or 15 days, I think, ever since Priyanka started campaigning and people began joining in large numbers.”

“We took so much time because we first confirmed the matter and then brought it before the media. This is not democracy, this is dictatorship,” Vadra added.

When asked if the Congress would be able improve its performance in UP this time, Vadra said, “If EVMs are not tampered with in the elections, then yes, I think Congress will perform better and those who want to see a change will definitely see it. People will come out of their homes and vote for the Congress, but the elections should be free and fair.”

Does he think the government adopts such tactics during elections? To this, he said, “It’s not just me, but people all over the country have doubts. The BJP is winning with very little margin. I think this is everyone’s thinking… now I will raise people’s voice.”

On Priyanka Gandhi contesting the elections, Vadra said, “It depends on her, I cannot comment on that. When the time comes, Priyanka and the party will decide.”