Vadodara: Air guns, pellets found in cargo at airport

Vadodara: Two air guns and 58 cartridges were found in a packet during checking at the Vadodara airport here on Wednesday, police said.

Saroj Kumar, DCP, Vadodara said: “Airports authority and Police investigated a suspicious packet at the Vadodara airport. Two air guns and 58 cartridges were detected during the check.”

He said suspicion about the packet containing RDX turned false after thorough investigation.

“Investigations showed that the packet did not carry RDX but potassium chloride which is a light explosive and is used in firecrackers,” she said.

According to the police, the parcel was being sent to a shop in Amritsar.

“The gun found in an Indigo flight was bought by a person in Surat. He was sending it to a shop in Amritsar to get the color of the gun changed,” Kumar informed.

Further investigations into the matter are underway.