Vadodara: Accused kills schoolmate to bring dishonour to his school

Vadodara: A 16-year-old accused hacked Dev Tadvi (14) to death in Vadodara’s Bharti school bathroom only to because he wanted to bring dishonour to the school.

During the interrogation of the accused, he confessed that he planned to murder Tadvi to bring dishonor upon his school since his teacher scolded him for not doing his homework.

The accused was arrested from his aunt’s house in Valsad on Friday night. He had met Tadvi a couple of times before hatching his death and two days his teacher scolded him.

“He felt insulted and wanted to get the school closed. He then planned to kill someone in the school so it would be forced to shut down,” said the police official.

The Police official said had the two boys in the washroom not seen the accused committing the crime, the accused would have easily walked away after committing the murder.

The accused plan was almost flawless said the Police. The accused also removed his shirt before committing the crime to keep away the blood stains.

“Tadvi collapsed after the first stab, but the perpetrator repeatedly stabbed Tadvi in his neck,” said ACP S G Patil.

After stabbing Tadvi multiple times the accused fled to his aunt’s house and changed his clothes. When his father came to know of the incident, he boarded a bus with his son and reached Valsad.

But to his misfortune, the two eye witness of the crime who had seen the accused stabbing Tadvi informed the Police about him.

The father and son duo were arrested with the help of local police on reaching Valsad.