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Uzma Ahmed calls Pakistan ‘a death trap’ on her return

Uzma Ahmed calls Pakistan ‘a death trap’ on her return
Courtesy: Indian Express

NEW DELHI: The Indian woman, Uzma Ahmed allegedly forced on gunpoint to marry a Pakistani man, called Pakistan a “well of death” while narrating her story today.

“It’s easy to enter Pakistan but nearly impossible to leave that place.Pakistan is a ‘maut ka kuan’ (well of death). I’ve seen women who go there after arranged marriages.” Said, Uzma Ahmed, while sitting with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Indian Deputy High Commissioner in Islamabad J P Singh, and another senior ministry official.

As per a report by Indian Express, She told that Pakistani people live in terrible condition. There are two, three, even four wives in every house, she said. She also told ‘Buner’, the area where Tahir, Pakistani man who married her at gunpoint, took her after giving her sleeping pills, was like a “Taliban-controlled” region. Uzma said had she stayed there for a few more days she would have been dead.

She thanked Sushma Swaraj, Indian mission officials and other staffers for making her comfortable and ensuring her return repeatedly while addressing the media. The girl is in her 20s and belongs to New Delhi.

She was allowed to return to India by Islamabad High Court following a plea that she filed with the court seeking its direction after her husband Tahir Ali “seized” her immigration papers and refused to return the document.

She entered India through Wagah Border crossing near Amritsar. She was accompanied by Indian mission officials and escorted by the Pakistani official.