Uyghur women face China’s forced sterilisation campaign

New Delhi: One of the most galling atrocities committed against Uyghur women in the camps is the Chinese Communist Partys (CCP) forced sterilisation campaign.

In multiple reports, The Washington Times has said that women receive shots leading to their infertility underscores the CCP’s ultimate aim: to eradicate the Uyghur race.

Every day, more Uyghurs are brought to these camps, where they face attacks on their faith, culture, and their bodies.

This genocidal war is an attempt to wipe out a people as an independent group, with horrors not seen on this massive scale since the Holocaust.

Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim people, have been the target of the Beijing government for decades, who ruthlessly carry out campaigns of repression to keep the area colonised under Chinese rule.

Tragically in recent years, these repressive campaigns have only escalated, becoming far more aggressive, the Washington Times reported.

Recent estimates suggest that millions of Uyghurs are going in and out of these camps.

By intertwining the ethnic identity of the Uyghur people with attacks on Islam, the Chinese state’s fear of religion is on display.