UV rays of suitable frequency could kill COVID-19: Birla Observatory

Hyderabad: G P Birla observatory and Astronomical Research Centre Director Dr. G B Sidharth has said that the Ultraviolet (UV) light could kill COVID-19. Low-frequency UV radiation of a suitable frequency can be used, he noted in a press release.

The Research Centre Director had also suggested that this type of low-frequency UV radiation of a suitable frequency could be used to kill, for example, unwanted cancer kills, without harming the body. However, Dr. Sidharth opined that the frequency of radiation that would be crucial.

Some months ago the microbiologists were suggesting that COVID-19 would come down as the temperature increased. Shortly thereafter, this conjecture was verified experimentally in Columbia University, US where low-frequency UV in the band already discussed was found to kill the virus.

From another point of view, this frequency was also verified in Russia by a different modus operandi. The patients were made to inhale some met stable molecules which then disintegrated emitting UV radiation that killed the virus in the body which would not otherwise harm the human body.

Dr. Sidharth had already suggested citing a Company in Boston that such low-frequency UV radiation could be fitted in Aeroplanes, closed halls to kill the virus. This was implemented by a leading technology institute in India, he added.

It now appears that in some metro stations in the UK they are using UV robots which are pulled in before the passengers come and pulled out later. It is not clear though exactly what frequency is being used, the release added.