Uttarakhand: Madrassas refuse to put PM’s picture on religious grounds

Dehradun: Uttarakhand Government has issued directives ordering all educational institutions to display the picture of Indian PM on their premises.

Following the order, several Madrassas in Dehradun have reportedly refused to the imposed order stating ‘religious grounds’.

The Uttarakhand Madrassa Education Board (UMEB) has decided today that the Islamic institutions would not comply the imposed government’s directive since its outright against the Islamic preaching.

An official of the UMEB said, “Since Islam outrightly disapproves putting up any picture inside a madrassa, there is no question of putting up a photo of the Prime Minister inside its premises.”

Now madrassa teacher’s are claiming the imposed directive may give rise to political colours in these educational institutions.

The Uttarakhand government has issued a directive asking all the educational institutions to “take a pledge to ensure building a new India by 2022 in accordance with the vision of PM Modi, and put up a picture of the Prime Minister in your premises,” which also demanded the institutes to submit their reports on the progress made.

It is reported that the Uttarakhand’s Minority Welfare Directorate has also asked its officials to ensure the compliance of the order.

The madrassas were informed accordingly by the district minority welfare officers to “put up a picture of PM Modi in your respective madrassas.”

When the District Minority Welfare Officer was asked the same, he said, “the order has been issued to all the government-run educational institutions,” adding that institutions can skip the directive if its against their religion, reported Zee News.